How to Use & Care Your Awwsome Cookie Cutter

Using Cookie Cutter with imprint design it an amazingly simple way to make cute cookies, it’s a time saver to make a dozen tray of awesome cookies just by baking them up. But it can be moderately difficult to use especially for newbie cookie decorators. 

Our standard cookie cutters with imprint designs require 4 - 5mm dough thickness.

The most important part of using a stamp style cookie cutter is to make sure that your dough is rolled to the ideal depth. If you roll your dough too thin, the imprint wont' show up, and if you roll it too thick, the dough will get caught in the stamp. 

Here’s some tips to use cookie cutter :

  • Rolling out your pre-chilled dough evenly to 4-5mm
  • Make sure your cutter clean & dry
  • Coat the cutter in flour before each cut
  • Wiggle the cutter & pull the cutter straight out

Our cookie cutters are not dishwasher safe. Hand wash only. Clean it using water below 35º Celcius with soft brush (toothbrush), and and avoid exposure to moisture or direct sunlight.

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