Our Story

Aloha, thank you for stopping by Awwsome Cookie Cutter. 

Our design inspired from cute things around us, whether it’s an animal, fruit and vegetable or even a fairy tales story. We offer hundreads of cookie cutter design variants suitable for celebration themes such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, and more. Our cookie cutter can be used by professional baker and home baker to make cookies, pastries, fondant ornaments, and other food crafting.

Manufactured with 3D Printer, using PLA / Polylactic Acid for production material. PLA is biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester, a type of plastic material that using derived from natural renewable resources, made from corn starch. This material has high durability and safe for people and animals.

Our cookie cutters have been traveling around the world since July, 2016 bring their cuteness and a sweet flavor of homemade cookies. We believe that nothing says home like the smell of baking cookies, well cute cookies we mean.

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A lot of love from Paradise Island, Bali – Indonesia.

Awwsome Cookie Cutter Team