Roll Your Dough Evenly

Have you ever wondered how to roll perfectly even sheets of dough?  It’s easier than you might think.

When you’re making cut-out cookies, it can be tricky to roll the dough just right. Roll it too thin, and the dough will be really fragile and may easily tear or break. Roll it too thick, and you run the risk of the cookies not baking evenly or cooking all the way through.

You can start rolling the dough from the center to the edges so that it will roll out evenly. Use our Leveling Stick, place them on either side of the dough, and roll the pin over the stick. These stick will hold the rolling pin at the exact same height all the way across the dough and help you get cookie dough that is just the right & uniform thickness.


If you like your cookies crunchier use Leveling Stick 4mm to baking them thinner. And if you like your cookies more like soft use Leveling Stick 6mm.


In general, the longer you bake them the crunchier they get, but it’s harder to get a thicker cookie to have an overall crunch, without browning the edges too much. The tips is whether the edges are golden brown or the surface or middle of the cookie no longer looks wet, then your cookies are done.

Keeping the dough the same thickness throughout will help the cookies bake evenly.

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